2023 Conference Schedule

Below you will find the schedule for the 2023 Parks Accessibility Conference.

All times are in Eastern Standard Time.

Day 1– July 25th

11:00am-11:25am: Opening remarks & introduction

Alison Whiting and Tilak Dutta

11:25am-11:50am: Keynote presentation with Q&A

Mahadeo Sukhai

11:50am-12:00pm: 10-Minute Break

12:00pm-12:25pm: Presentation with Q&A

Lisa FranksVan Life: My Wheelchair Accessible Home on Wheels

12:25pm-12:50pm: Presentation with Q&A

Amanda PowellMy Experience in U.S. National Parks and Accessibility

12:50pm-1:30pm: 40-Minute Break

1:30pm-1:55pm: Presentation with Q&A

Julie WilliamsAccessible Technology in Montana’s Parks

1:55pm-2:15pm: Presentation with Q&A

Haley FlaroSharing Accessibility Standards Canada Draft Standard on Outdoor Spaces

2:15pm-2:40pm: Presentation with Q&A

Yashoda Sharma (EngineeringHealth Team)The Parks Accessibility Project: Improving Accessibility of Canada’s National Parks

2:40pm-3:00pm: 20-Minute Break

3:00pm-3:50pm: Panel with Q&A

Maayan Ziv, Heather Hutchison, and Richard Peter– From the Lens of Lived Experience: Mapping the Accessibility of the Outdoors

3:50pm-4:00pm: Closing remarks

Day 2– July 26th

11:00am-11:05am: Opening remarks

11:05am-11:30am: Keynote Presentation with Q&A

Stan LeyenhorstAccess for everyone everywhere all the time

11:30am-11:55am: Presentation with Q&A

Hans-Steffen LindnerPersonal Experiences Connecting with Nature

12:00pm-12:10pm: 10-Minute Break

12:10pm-12:35pm: Presentation with Q&A

Lawrence Gunther Building an Accessible Research Station from the Ground Up

12:35pm-1:00pm: Presentation with Q&A

Laura BrydgesA Piece of the Forest That Was Left Out by Mistake

1:00am-1:05pm: Presentation

Marie LeBlancEducating on Environmental Sensitivities in Parks

1:05pm-1:40pm: 35-Minute Break

1:45pm-2:10pm: Presentation with Q&A

Shira StandfieldVisitor Experience at Parks Canada

2:10pm-2:35pm: Presentation with Q&A

John FosterAccessibility at Ontario Parks

2:35pm-3:00pm: Presentation with Q&A

Kate ZealandBC Parks Commitment to Inclusion

3:00pm-3:10pm: 10-Minute Break

3:10pm-4:00pm: Panel with Q&A

Carinna Kenigsberg, Taylor Sands, Claire DeLong, and Rory MoorheadThe Welcome Project: Moving Inclusion in the Parks Forward Through Collaboration

4:00pm-4:05pm: Closing remarks

Day 3– July 27th

11:00am-11:10am: Opening remarks

11:10am-11:35am: Keynote presentation with Q&A

Sonya Wilson

11:35am-12:00pm: Presentation with Q&A

Philip OlignyAccessibility with Kartus

12:00pm-12:25pm: Presentation with Q&A

Jamie McCulloch“A Teaching Philosophy” – Creating Success and Independence Through Adaptive Equipment and Techniques in Outdoor Sport and Recreation in Parks

12:25pm-12:45pm: 20-Minute Break

12:45pm-1:10pm: Presentation with Q&A

Isabelle DucharmeAccessibility Through Customer Experience

1:10pm-1:35pm: Presentation with Q&A

Mikhaila Carr, Craig Paulson, & Glenys SnowDymondParks, Accessible Spaces and Storytelling

1:35pm-2:00pm: Presentation with Q&A

Mark Groulx & Heather LambNot for All: Barriers to Universal Accessibility in Outdoor Nature Spaces Across British Columbia, Canada

2:00pm-2:30pm: 30-Minute Break

2:30pm-3:45pm: Campfire Chat

Kristen Habermehl, Trisha Kaplan, Noah Papatsie, & Cybele SackReflecting on The 2023 Parks Accessibility Conference.

3:45pm-4:00pm: Closing remark and conclusion

Alison Whiting & Tilak Dutta